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​Gov't of Canada Common Look and Feel and the WET Tool-Kit

Getting SharePoint 2010 and 2013 to play with CLF is like herding cats that are biters.  You can do it but its mostly painful.  The client side solutions of 2013, 2016 are not going to cut it in all cases.  You have to get into some gritty server side development and do quite a few overrides and post render processing to get SharePoint to cooperate (we even did some dynamic corrections to the SharePoint javascrip in the httpModule - OMG!).

I've been working in CLF/WCAG and SharePoint for quite a while.  This solution has gone through many iterations and now that I have ported the solution to CLF 4 it was fun to get a single solution that can support Canada.CA, Intranet and Internet. 

I have a new solution kicking around that removes all the post-render processing in the code behind and moves it to an HTTPModule - it is just a better place for cleaning up HTML, JSON, JS and CSS on demand. 

Along with the CLF solution, I am able to merge in the WCAG to allow the out of the box functionality to also be WCAG compliant while using the CLF templates with the intranet theme.

Call or email me if you want some help implementing it.