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Rich Dufour here.  I've been working with SharePoint for over a decade now and have truly enjoyed the experience.  I am a developer at heart and love extending SharePoint at any level:  UX, JavaScript/REST client side development, C# server side, apps, web parts, events, workflows, deployment and Admin, PowerShell scripting, Reporting , legacy integration... etc...  If it is related to SharePoint, I've probably worked with it at some point.

Recent work:

Client Side SharePoint and Dynamic Translation(Aug 2016 - March 2017)

Agriculture wanted to build a highly responsive intranet Magazine produced within the SharePoint interface.  The project involved integrating a lot of C# events on the back end.  On the client side the interface prevented most screen refreshes integrating jQuery, REST, SharePoint API, WCAG, BootStrap, Microsoft Patterns and Practices(PnP).  A set of customizable Web Parts were driven by a completely client side JavaScript solution that loaded all the data on demand and produced the media rich and highly social client side elements on the fly.  All content was managed using the out of the box SharePoint interface. 
Since most of the client elements in the project were dynamically created, neither SharePoint nor Pointfire could translate the interface.  A custom translation feature was added to the client side solution which loaded the translation keys from SharePoint on demand and was available to perform translations of the interface as required.  The coded responded to specifically tagged html source elements for static content but its true use was for on demand use within any JavaScript on the page that required something from the Pointfire translation tables to be applied to the dynamic interface.

Plug and Play WCAG of SharePoint (July 2016):

Instantly convert any SharePoint install into a WCAG 2.0 AAA compliant site:  Wish I had developed this solution before I got deep into my CLF4 templates.  It sure would have made things much easier.  This solution corrects the ribbon button failings, a whole bunch of the out of the box web parts and scaffolding, header and footers and navigation items.  It was built for a 3000+ seat intranet multi-site collection solution but it is well suited to extension and was easily updated to accommodate some of the many templates and customizations.  It even corrects the dynamic HTML and DOM manipulations made by the SharePoint JavaScript without interfering with the AJAX, JSON and Silverlight.  I realized the off the shelf solutions were woefully ill prepared for even minimally customized sites and I had to fill my boots.  Getting a score of 97% on my WCAG 2.0 AAA compliance from the landing pages to the my-sites was just a great feeling.    Call me if you need it.

Generic Custom Form Templates(Dec 2014):

Unlimited Content-Type Form Support through a single form template:  This was an interesting project in that we wanted a custom template to allow re-ordering of fields, grouping and layouts of each section, WCAG, multilingual and using as much out of the box functionality driven ​through a single XML document.  We also supported hard coded templates in raw HTML that made use of the same solution which offered Display, edit and new support.

Distributed SharePoint Object Cache (Nov 2014):  

A developer level solution for a synchronized cache:  We wanted to allow simple .NET library to support a synchronized cache across multiple SharePoint servers ensuring that all of them always had immediate access to the most used objects  - whatever they may be. 

We used this to serve the navigation, content, drive applications, REST-full services and integrate it into custom SharePoint Service Applications, app pages, JavaScript - anywhere.   Not just caching list items, but directly caching list view queries and .Net entities, HTML or Binaries for immediate use and tying events to the existing SharePoint list items to invalidate the individual caches as required across all WFE, APP etc., servers.  It was a fun project.


Treasury Board Common Look and Feel Templates (2013-2014):


I'm well versed in SharePoint 2010, 2013 solution for Common Look and Feel 4.x.  Have to say, I love the new WET toolkit - it was the easiest version to port to SharePoint and maintain HTML5, WCAG as well as a working mobile solution.  I've removed all SharePoint styles from the public facing site and have pretty much perfectly duplicated the Current CLF.  On the edit side, it also maintains the CLF look and feel (even while editing) and I've isolated the SharePoint elements such that the CLF does not mess with the interface.  As an added bonus I've also managed to merge the CLF Internet and CLF Intranet themes into a single solution.  Just change a single web.config setting to completely swap your site between the two themes.  Since SharePoint likes to mess up your content when you enter some HTML5 tags, like video or mathML tags, I even added a nice RawHTML Web Part that allowed you to bypass some of the SharePoint content cleaning and add additional content (including JavaScript and CSS blocks).


I finished building a CLF site management tool that allows content administrators to perform bulk​ publishing of multiple site pages, documents and images (Check-in, publish, approve, quick deploy, quick delete), track the status of their content and mark the review status of content as reviewed for WCAG, CLF and Client reviewed.  No more guessing if your documents are up to date or where any document may not be checked in.  The quick delete function enabled on the fly content cleanups to extend the SharePoint Quick Deploy out of the box solution.

CLF 3.x:  My existing CLF version 3.01-3.1x is setup for SharePoint 2010.  Includes the same features as the 4.0x but does not include the Intranet theme. Splash, 1 and 2 column layouts, mega menu, footer and support for all the WET features.  All the while maintaining WCAG and HTML5 compliance.  I noticed it has been picked up by a few of my old clients:  OSFI, Infrastructure and LAC in various flavors.  Feel free to contact me about the code updates and all the funky exceptions revolving around CLF and SharePoint.  We can work something out.


Other Gov't Canada:


A solution to drive Public Disclosure that every Canadian Government department needs to provide on its external facing website.  I integrated it into the external facing SharePoint CLF 2010 site.  The solution also supported legacy financial reporting through a set of XSLT/web service based report builders that  integrated into SharePoint and were WCAG/HTML5 compliant.

Legacy Site Importer:  Built a Legacy ASP site importer that pulled a generic CLF 2.0 site into my SharePoint 2010 CLF 3.x solution.  That was an interesting project.  Lots of great tech to chew on.  It supports many data inputs and serialize them into a single XML file that could store all the binaries and Metadata and push 10's of thousands of assets, documents and pages into SharePoint.   It managed the variations and provided multilingual support.


Search Solutions 


Finished up a BCS search solution for Library and Archives Canada with custom search and freaky XSLT templates for the various look and feels they wanted to support.  Also tacked on some custom details web parts for use on the site.  Orangutech took my code further after I left the project... Kudos guys.


BI - Program Activity Architecture(PAA) and the MAF, Corporate Risk, Inputs/Outputs of the PAA and Project Reporting


Wow that was a mouthful.  At NRCan I architected a huge solution that reported on the complete PAA from the regional offices up to the Department level.  It rolled up all the data input into a beautiful report for the Chief Scientist and enabled them to see exactly what was happening in their Science and Tech Research.  This solution really should be in every government department - but I built it so of course I feel that way.